Let’s harness our superpowers and make the field of ophthalmology better — and brighter.

Nova Eye Medical is fortunate to partner with some trailblazing women ophthalmologists via our Medical Advisory Board, including Dr. Oluwatosin Tosin” Smith, Dr. Analisa Arosemena, Dr. Ticiana De Francesco, and Dr. Rachel Simpson. Beyond this, we are fortunate to be part of a bigger community of incredible women in the field of ophthalmology, from ophthalmologists and nursing staff through to researchers and practice administrators. Indeed, there is no shortage of remarkable women who contribute their superpowers daily to the field of ophthalmology.

Whether it be an ambitious appetite for education and research, the ability to tackle a multitude of projects without breaking a sweat, handling situations with supreme diplomacy or an unfaltering commitment to patient advocacy, everyday thousands of women are applying their superpowers and, in doing so, making a positive, unique and important impact on the field of ophthalmology. 

So, we ask you: What’s your superpower?

Tell us your story!

My superpower is X-Ray vision!! I can see through the fog of platitudes & postering and get the teams to focus on what really matters.

Dr Nivine Woods
Missouri, USA

My superpower is looking at things differently by bringing diversity to discussions and pushing innovation with kindness and humility.

Dr Ticiana De Francesco
Ceara, Brazil

My superpower is the ability to identify gaps in glaucoma treatment across the world and implement programs to train local physicians. Once they are trained in procedures that are common in the United States, they train others and spread knowledge.

Dr. Tosin Smith
Dallas, Texas

My superpower is my passion. I really love my job; I live for it, and it's very important for me to give my very best to every patient that comes to me for help and trusts their vision to my hands.

Nataliia Mala
Heilbronn, Germany

My superpower is being Respectful and Appreciative

Dr Analisa Arosemena
Florida, United States

My super power is bringing people together, in ophthalmology and life. Collaboration achieves incredible things. We started Women in Eyecare founded on this principle. We are stronger together!

Dr Analisa Arosemena
Florida, United States

My superpower is Manifestation – taking ideas and making them into reality!

Dr. Sahar Bedrood
Los Angeles, California

Being a rock-on cornea specialist in an underserved area with only one other cornea specialist while having two baby girls + setting up a new office and clinic!!

Dr. Tenley Bower
Winnipeg, Canada

My superpower is surrounding myself with articulate, intelligent and unapologetically strong women who motivate me to do better.

Kate Hunt
Adelaide, Australia

My superpowers include creating meaningful relationships and thinking outside the box to provide creative solutions. I am dedicated to the success of my clients and am genuinely interested in providing enough value to be considered a trusted advisor to them.

Amanda Antao
Mississauga, Canada

I constantly seek opportunities to learn in order to stay knowledgeable and up-to-date on advancements in the industry. I help introduce new technology and spread awareness of its benefits so that, ultimately, patients who can benefit get access to it. I am truly passionate about what I do!

Amanda Antao
Mississauga, Canada

My superpower is channelling the strength of sisterhood to construct inspiring programs that lift others and celebrate the positive impact of increased diversity. When we unite, we create safe spaces where mentorship and sharing of individual talents allow us to thrive on both personal and professional levels.

Dr. Carla Bourne
Tampa, Florida

So, we ask you: What’s your superpower?

Representation matters, so make sure to share your story with us via the form below. You’ll be highlighting your prowess to other women in the ophthalmic community and, in doing so, inspire them to do the same. To help spread the message further, we’ll send you with a Superwomen in Ophthalmology T‑Shirt”, celebrating the incredible superpowers that each woman brings to the field of ophthalmology. 

Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of women in ophthalmology. Show your support with the hashtag #SuperwomenInOphthalmology

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