Let’s harness our superpowers and make the field of ophthalmology better — and brighter.

Nova Eye Medical is fortunate to partner with some trailblazing women ophthalmologists via our Medical Advisory Board, including Dr. Oluwatosin Tosin” Smith, Dr. Analisa Arosemena, Dr. Ticiana De Francesco, and Dr. Rachel Simpson. Beyond this, we are fortunate to be part of a bigger community of incredible women in the field of ophthalmology, from ophthalmologists and nursing staff through to researchers and practice administrators. Indeed, there is no shortage of remarkable women who contribute their superpowers daily to the field of ophthalmology.

Whether it be an ambitious appetite for education and research, the ability to tackle a multitude of projects without breaking a sweat, handling situations with supreme diplomacy or an unfaltering commitment to patient advocacy, everyday thousands of women are applying their superpowers and, in doing so, making a positive, unique and important impact on the field of ophthalmology. 

So, we ask you: What’s your superpower?

Representation matters, so make sure to share your story with us via the form below. You’ll be highlighting your prowess to other women in the ophthalmic community and, in doing so, inspire them to do the same. To help spread the message further, we’ll send you with a Superwomen in Ophthalmology T‑Shirt”, celebrating the incredible superpowers that each woman brings to the field of ophthalmology. 

Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of women in ophthalmology. Show your support with the hashtag #SuperwomenInOphthalmology

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