A novel approach to glaucoma treatment

In the past, treating glaucoma relied on medical therapy at one end of the spectrum through to invasive procedures such as trabeculectomy at the other. Nova Eye’s proprietary technologies are changing all this.

Through close collaboration with teaching institutions, researchers and ophthalmic surgeons, extensive research and protype testing and refinement, Nova Eye Medical is developing a comprehensive portfolio of novel glaucoma treatment options which enable surgeons to intervene earlier in the treatment of glaucoma.

Our proprietary technologies include the iTrack™ family of canaloplasty devices. Not only does canaloplasty comprehensively treat all aspects of the conventional outflow pathway, but it does so without the need to place a stent and without the need to remove or tear tissue. Our Molteno3® glaucoma drainage device technology provides a trusted treatment innovation for cases of complex glaucoma.

Answering the needs of ophthalmologists

Innovation and product advances in ophthalmology do not happen by chance. They’re the result of a surgeon, somewhere asking the question, How can we do this better?”

We respond by working closely and collaboratively with surgeons to uncover those answers.

As a leading innovator in the field of glaucoma treatment, we seek out and encourage close collaboration with surgeons, specialists, academics and other industry experts to develop technologies that enable ophthalmologists to intervene earlier in the treatment of glaucoma.

We’re a small business built on big relationships with specialists and industry.

Handmade with finesse, inside and out

The iTrack™ microcatheter technology platform represents one of the most unique innovations in the treatment of glaucoma, both from a clinical standpoint and in terms of engineering performance, and while the latest in tech innovation has helped it cement its position at the top, a much more traditional aspect is equally important – individual assembly and hand-crafted precision by our in-house technicians.

Every single element of our iTrack™ and iTrack™ Advance canaloplasty devices are created and assembled by our own, highly experienced team in the USA, while our Molteno3® family of glaucoma drainage devices are manufactured in New Zealand.

With its sales headquarters based in Fremont, California, Nova Eye Medical is supported by a global network of more than 50 distribution partners. Manufacturing facilities are located in Fremont, California and Dunedin, New Zealand.

Nova Eye, Inc
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