Nova Eye Medical has a legacy that spans more than 30 years in ophthalmology


Ellex Medical Lasers Limited founded in Adelaide, Australia


Ellex Medical Lasers Limited commences contract manufacturing for a number of leading ophthalmic companies, including Alcon.


Ellex Medical Lasers Limited launches direct market presence and relinquishes contract manufacturing arrangements.


Ellex Medical Lasers Limited acquires Eye Cubed™ ultrasound business from US-based Innovative Imaging, Inc.


Ellex Medical Lasers Limited acquires iTrack™ canaloplasty portfolio from US-based iScience Interventional, Inc.


Ellex Medical Lasers Limited divests Ellex Laser & Ultrasound business and changes name to Nova Eye Medical Limited (ASX:EYE).


Nova Eye Medical Limited acquires the Molteno3® Glaucoma Drainage Device business from Molteno Ophthalmic Limited.

With its sales headquarters based in Fremont, California, Nova Eye Medical is supported by a global network of more than 50 distribution partners. Manufacturing facilities are located in Fremont, California and Dunedin, New Zealand.

Nova Eye, Inc
  • Headquarters USA
  • iTrack™ Manufacturing
  • iTrack™ R&D
  • iTrack™ Quality & Regulatory

At the heart of Nova Eye Medical is our iTrack™ canaloplasty device. An implant-free, tissue-sparing procedure, canaloplasty is helping to redefine the treatment of glaucoma in its early stages.

Acquired from world-leader Molteno Ophthalmic Ltd, the Molteno3® Glaucoma Drainage Device is a highly effective option for cases of severe and complex glaucoma and provides the added benefit of a simplified and faster surgical procedure.

Ellex is a registered trademark of Quantel Medical

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