Nova Eye Medical

Nova Eye Medical has a legacy that spans more than 30 years in ophthalmology

With our sales headquarters based in Fremont, California, Nova Eye Medical is supported by a global network of more than 50 distribution partners. Manufacturing facilities are located in Fremont, California and Dunedin, New Zealand.

Nova Eye, Inc
  • Headquarters USA
  • iTrack™ Manufacturing
  • iTrack™ R&D
  • iTrack™ Quality & Regulatory

At the heart of Nova Eye Medical is the iTrack™ canaloplasty microcatheter. With more than 100,000 procedures performed worldwide, canaloplasty is an implant-free glaucoma procedure designed to comprehensively address all points of outflow resistance in the conventional outflow pathway. iTrack™ can be performed across the glaucoma disease spectrum from mild disease through to severe and advanced disease. In cases of advanced glaucoma, canaloplasty offers a highly effective, bleb-free alternative to traditional glaucoma surgery.

Originating from the world-leader Molteno Ophthalmic Ltd and built on more than 60 years of clinical testing and validation, the Molteno3® is a highly effective glaucoma drainage device for cases of complex glaucoma.

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