Canaloplasty for Glaucoma

iTrack™ is an implant-free glaucoma surgery that addresses all points of blockage in the conventional outflow pathway to reduce outflow resistance. Based on the same principles as angioplasty, iTrack™ combines 360° viscodilation to enlarge Schlemm’s canal and to dilate the distal outflow system, with 360° catheterization of Schlemm’s canal. With over 100,000 procedures performed to date, clinical studies show that canaloplasty has an excellent safety profile, with minimal post-operative follow-up, fast recovery time, and infrequent intra-operative and postoperative complications.

Glaucoma Drainage Device Surgery

Pioneered by the world-leader in glaucoma drainage device technology, the Molteno3® Glaucoma Drainage Device is a highly effective option for cases of severe and complex glaucoma.

Molteno3® Glaucoma Drainage Device Surgery

Molteno3® Glaucoma Drainage Device Surgery in a patient with prior Ex-Press Mini Glaucoma Shunt Surgery. Video courtesy of Inder Paul Singh, MD (USA). © Molt…

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