Drawing on a legacy of more than 30 years in the ophthalmic industry, Nova Eye Medical is partnering with a number of teaching institutions, researchers and physicians to introduce a portfolio of novel glaucoma treatment options which span the entire disease process – enabling you to intervene earlier, and more often, in the treatment of glaucoma.

Mild-moderate glaucoma

Performed via an ab-interno surgical technique, iTrack™ is an implant-free MIGS procedure that addresses all points of blockage in the conventional outflow pathway to comprehensively reduce intraocular pressure (IOP). It has also been observed to reduce patient dependence on medications. Based on the same principles as angioplasty, iTrack™ combines 360° viscodilation to enlarge Schlemm’s canal and to dilate the distal outflow system, with 360° catheterization of Schlemm’s canal.

iTrack™ Moderate POAG Combined with Cataract Surgery (Monofocal IOL)

iTrack™ canal-based glaucoma surgery performed in moderate POAG in combination with Cataract Surgery (Monofocal IOL)© iTrack 2020. E&OE. Video courtesy of Da…

Advanced Glaucoma

iTrack™ performed via an ab-externo surgical technique is a highly effective solution for patients with advanced glaucoma that overcomes the risks and discomfort associated with trabeculectomy. With over 100,000 procedures performed to date, clinical studies show that canaloplasty has an excellent safety profile, with minimal post-operative follow-up, fast recovery time, and infrequent intra-operative and postoperative complications.

iTrack™ Ab Externo Canaloplasty Combined with Cataract Surgery

iTrack™ ab externo canaloplasty performed in combination with cataract surgery. © iTrack 2020. E&OE. Video courtesy of Prof. Brusini.

Severe Glaucoma

Pioneered by the world-leader in glaucoma drainage device technology, the Molteno3® Glaucoma Drainage Device is a highly effective option for cases of severe and complex glaucoma.

Molteno3® Glaucoma Drainage Device Surgery

Molteno3® Glaucoma Drainage Device Surgery in a patient with prior Ex-Press Mini Glaucoma Shunt Surgery. Video courtesy of Inder Paul Singh, MD (USA). © Molt…

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