Canaloplasty for stent-free, tissue sparing MIGS

Featuring microcatheters crafted from a specially developed, polymeric compound, the iTrack™ family of canaloplasty devices offers much greater malleability and manoeuvrability than common nylon alternatives. What’s more, the meticulously researched self-lubricious coating to each iTrack™ microcatheter was formulated specifically to enable smooth passage through Schlemm’s canal. 

That unyielding focus on precision continues within the microcatheter itself, where the highly sensitive optic-fibre filament sits in parallel to the internal guide wire allowing for a full 360º catheterization of Schlemm’s canal.

The iTrack’s highly advanced distal shaft is also completely fashioned by hand under microscope in our own labs, to a diameter of nominally 200 microns (μm).

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